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Oct 23, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. the tax rates will probably not go up if obama -- if mitt romney --. >>neil: what these guys are saying, this is a global problem. would it be solved with the locations? >>guest: i was thinking about that and i looked at stock market in november of 1994 the last time we had the big republican landslide election and in 24 hours of that election the market went through a six-year boom. so, maybe. >>neil: bill clinton took credit for that. >>guest: the combination of clinton who moved to the center and six great years. >>neil: if the president is re-elected would he move to the center? >>guest: i hope so. i would like to think that. probably not. but --. >>neil: he would interpret this as a vindication? >>guest: i think that, actually, that uncertainty and fear is playing on the market. in two weeks we could have a big, big, bull market. we could see that kind of 1994 change. once the cloud of fear disperses and it can happen so quickly, you can see all of these fundamentals change almost overnight. >>neil: thank you, always good to see you. in the meantime, from the meltdown to now what i
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. virginia, despite some of the polls, looking better for obama, the obama campaign sort of had officials telling the national journal that is look like a romney state. where does it get fought out? in ohio. in new hampshire. in iowa. in wisconsin. if romney can hold on to the other states and get ohio, he wins. if he cannot get ohio he could still win by getting wisconsin and either of the other two, new hampshire or iowa. but that is less likely path. nevada, which was on the map, seems to is gone for obama, the romney campaign is pessimistic about it according to the latest reports. right now the president leads and it is tight, in all four of these states, then what? >> well, if president obama wins all four state obviously he is re-elected. >>neil: there is no factoring out surprising wins for romney elsewhere? if wisconsin and ohio that speaks of the midwest, the rust belt, sticking with the president not going to romney making his climb with virginia and north carolina and winning indiana back, not enough? >>guest: he could make up for it by winning pennsylvania, for example, but t
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, we saw drops in over 400 points in the dow as the economy imploded and that helps president obama the last time because he was the challenger. this time, bad chock news is not good for the president. >>neil: if we have just so-so economic news and the markets stabilize and the dow is down 4th day running here, we are back to early september levels, that was before the run up that some said was a sign things were turning around, but, what sustained we in the voters' minds? what is going on when they look at the financial well-being, in their mind? >>guest: well, what is going on, there is a battle define obama and romney about what the economy is getting better. that is what is going on. most voters have an opinion about the economy. whether it is getting better or worse. >>neil: could we draw a distinction to this degree? better isn't good. you could argue a lot of the numbers are, indeed, better, but they are not good. when you come off a low, i was in school i had a horrible semester and i do just slightly better, but you could argue i did better but, still, it is getting the at
FOX News
Oct 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, the end the year they pun, they decide whether it is president obama re-elected or mitt romney elected, that they extend all the coming spending cuts, all the expiring tax rates extend them for another six months and re-elect a president and congress or a newly elected president and congress, do something more substancive in the new year. >>guest: as much as i hate kicking the can down the road, again, it is just not feasible to come up with comprehensive tax reform and a whole new deal for entitlements between november 7 and december 31. so, practically speaking, that is the most likely and probably the most reasonable thing to do. but come the day after inauguration, when the house is back in session we need to get going on this thing and solve this problem. >>neil: is there a political leaning one way or the other to you and the 79 others? >>guest: no, what simpson-bowles taught us this can be bipartisanship. you have to able to get people on both sides of the aisle to do things that they haven't done before. the other thing that simpson-bowles teaches us, the number of changes nece
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, why, again, there are two paths, his path to more job and president obama's path of fewer jobs. i have a great relationship with governor romney. >>neil: thank you very much, governor, you have been a wonderful host. i want you to look at something as we spoke to the governor and he john mccain was mobbed and now they are getting his thoughtses on this race. this state and the fact that he won it four years ago, that turned things around for john mccain and he went on to win the republican nomination but did not do so well in the general election. fair and balanced from that, and the democratic senator from the fine state of rhode island, senator reed, good do have you. >>neil: senator, we know libya will come up, and you are on record as saying now is not the time now is not the time to put together an inquiries that the results will be out before the election. where does the party stand on this? the cynic in me says maybe they waiting to get this stuff out after the election. where do you stand? >>guest: the president was clear the day after the terrible attack this was an act of ter
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)